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Making the right decisions has never been easier. With CORAS' Enterprise Decision Management Platform (EDMP), leaders have the right information at their fingertips to make informed decisions, look back on past decisions, and why they were made with the advantage of hindsight to learn from.


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Take enterprise decision making

to a whole new level

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Data lives everywhere and having a single source of the truth is key. We aggregate all program information into a single window.



Automating your entire program brief saves you hundreds if not thousands of hours of work that is one in seconds. We take your information and aggregate it into standardized program briefs.



Evaluate readiness against risks and events at various points in time, across multiple programs. Understand when and how key events are delivered with an integrated master schedule.



Remove the obstacles and restraints you once had with swivel chair management. Get an instant and direct view into the ground truth for senior leadership in days rather than weeks. 

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What is CORAS EDMP? 


CORAS knows how critical it is to have transparency, collaboration up and down an organization, and decisions supported by real-time data. By utilizing innovative technology to join disparate data from all programs and assets into a holistic window, you gain an accurate view of missions without obscuring critical details.
CORAS’ EDMP fosters collaboration across an organization to keep strategic priorities moving and add situational awareness. 




What are Excursions?

What is COOP?

What are Adds and Offsets?

Planning International Engagements

What are the CORAS Templates?

What are Data Lakes?

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When data lives in disparate sources (legacy, new), spreadsheets, or data (both structured and unstructured) from other systems across many programs, it can be almost impossible to get the information you need, in the time-frame you need it. CORAS eliminates this challenge.


We take all of this information and aggregate it into standardized program briefs, allowing leaders to see across the entire scope of their projects, compare apples to apples, and know at a glance which ones need their attention.


Leadership now has the insights it needs to make sure programs and people are in direct alignment to accomplish the mission, and which ones are out of sync.

improve efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Agencies using Coras create new efficiencies which led to thousands of hours saved. One agency saved up to 2000 hours in the first 90 days alone. 

lower costs

Reduce Costs

In an environment that always seems to ask you to do more with less, you can rest assured that Coras will help lighten the load. Agency departments using Coras save millions of dollars each year, making the return on investment
a no-brainer.

mission success

Ensure Mission Success

The best way to ensure mission success, is to be able to know at a glance the health of each program, task, or initiative that is advancing the mission. Only then can you make the necessary changes to achieve the mission. Customers currently use Coras to oversee and report on
billions of dollars of initiatives.

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Tired of the lack of collaboration and transparent communication?


Embrace the future with CORAS' Enterprise Decision Management Platform.


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