We know how to connect.

Specializing in the possible, we overachieve on a daily basis to innovate and revolutionize the business apps experience. Driven by delighting our users with intuitive and stunning product experiences, we collaborate with our customers and partners to inspire our best work. Challenging ourselves to create an adaptable product that will evolve with your business is our mission, we accept.

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Life at Coras™

All in. That’s how we describe life at Coras. Whether working, playing, or relaxing...we’re all in. And we like to bring our families, friends, customers, and partners with us. When we work, we work hard. Our commitment is to innovative products, and unparalleled customer service. And when we play, we play hard. Weekends and evenings find us cheering on the local baseball or hockey team, or maybe supporting one of the charities we love. Or, maybe we’ll just sit on the deck, enjoy the sunset, and have a beverage of our choice. But one thing is for sure...whether work or play, we’re all in!

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Our People

Don’t ever tell us we can’t do something. “Can’t” is not in our vocabulary. We’re a team of dedicated, passionate professionals who love to push the envelope and inspire each other to come up with the best solutions possible. We’re supported by a collaborative leadership team who sets the tone for an open, honest work environment. We won’t take no for an answer!



Innovative, revolutionary, dynamic, collaborative, exciting, fun. All of these words describe Coras. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, and experience a unique and challenging (in a good way!) work environment, Coras is ready for you.

Are you up to the challenge?