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Enterprise Decision Management

Making the right business decisions has never been easier. With CORAS, leaders have the right information at their fingertips to make informed decisions, look back on past decisions, and why they were made with the advantage of hindsight to learn from.

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Manage the entire lifecycle of Federal Programs from budgeting, spend management, resource management, risks, schedule, and more. Aggregated at every level of management automatically across the organization. 


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CORASPrograms Enterprise


Leveraging an AI/ML engine, ETL capabilities, and custom lists, our enterprise expansion builds upon CORASPrograms. Get unique decision management tools for customer-specific Program Management needs. 


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Tackle hard enterprise decision management problems through a "as-a-service" offering. CORASRhapsody provides all of the advantages of a SaaS model with the precision of a customer-specific solution. 


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Unleash The Power of Your Data 


Animated Coras V2


See Executive Level Insight Like You've Never Seen It Before 


Fast. Powerful. Simple.


Data Agg v3


Connect to existing data sources, without migrating them to a new system.



Eliminate the delay between when you ask for information, and when you receive the answer. 



Evaluate readiness against risks and events at various points in time.