Driving IT Management Into The 21st Century

Maximize Visibility And Strategic Insight Into IT Investments And Programs

CORASInvest™ is a powerful application for IT management that reduces the cost and risk of decisions and creates visibility into IT investments, initiatives, task orders, risks, performance, and results.

Optimize IT Decisions

Integrate and analyze the information from multiple IT management functions to have all the facts before making a decision.

Control Risk, Performance, And Return

Create visibility into the vital information you need to ensure IT investments, initiatives, and task orders are on budget and performing to expectations.

Address Federal Mandates And Industry Standards

Ensure compliance with Federal mandates like FITARA and CPIC, or adhere to industry standards like TBM, ITSM, and ITIL.

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CORASInvest adapts to the changing demands of your IT organization. It includes a configurable set of features and capabilities that can be tailored on demand as your needs change. No coding and no customization required.

A 360-Degree View Of Your IT Organization

CORASInvest connects people, processes, and information to improve how you run and manage your IT business. It addresses and integrates many of the key IT functions, including:

  • Investment Management

    Track, manage, and measure IT investments, initiatives, and task orders. Set performance goals and indicators, and define and access scorecards.

  • Portfolio Management

    Track and manage your investment portfolios through risk, return, and performance dashboards. Leverage pre- and post-decisional tools to manage tradeoffs.

  • IT Capital Planning

    Manage the integrated capital planning and investment control (CPIC) process. Create and submit OMB-required forms, track and manage major and non-major investments, and create and manage investment revisions.

  • Financial Management

    Plan, track, trend, and analyze the financials of your investments. Simplify budget formulation, allocation, and execution processes. Compare actual versus planned and use net-zero tools for trade-off decisions.

  • Vendor Management

    Gain complete transparency into vendor performance and results. Align vendors to investments, stratify vendors based on performance and impact, and report on historical performance and results.

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