Giving your business the FREEDOM to dynamically manage
your portfolios, programs, and projects.

CorasManage drives dynamic data and information. Decision-makers at all levels of your organization—executives, managers, and teams—can now make decisions based on real-time, integrated information.

Drive Dynamic Decision-making with Coras

Drive Dynamic Decision-making

Real-time access, visibility, and reporting so you’re always working with the latest data and information. Get the data you need, when you need it…regardless of where it lives.

Work More Efficiently with Coras

Work More Efficiently

A single, unified system of data, process, and people for the entire business. Project portfolio management, business intelligence, business process automation, and collaboration.

Adapt to Change with Coras

Adapt to Change

Flexible and nimble so you can keep up with the change occurring around you. Underlying platform makes it quick and easy to modify—without code.