Modernizing the Way You Manage Your Projects and Portfolios

Webcast: September 13, at 2pm EDT


There comes a point in time where your classic productivity tools, manual processes, and low-tech approach just don’t cut it anymore for managing your projects and portfolios. Sure you can get the work done, but at what cost?

CorasManage is an out-of-the-box project and portfolio management solution that helps modernize the way you manage your projects and portfolios. Our flexible, user-friendly software drives significant improvements in efficiency, visibility, and accountability, and delivers rapid value to everyone in the organization. It’s designed to be “right-sized” for your organization and evolves as your project and portfolio management needs evolve.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, September 13, at 2pm EDT to see and hear about the many benefits of CorasManage, including:

  • Focus on the Right Things – Ensure projects are aligned with corporate objectives
  • Drive Repeatability and Consistency – Simplify project kickoff and management with pre-defined schedules/templates
  • No Surprises! – Introduce visibility, transparency, and reporting into all project/portfolio activities
  • Rapidly Adapt to Change – Low code/no code platform gives the power to business analysts—don’t wait on IT.

Register now! We look forward to seeing you there.