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CorasNow™ Features

CorasNow - Configure, don't code

Configure, don't code

Our Visual Application Builder lets business users design, build, and deploy their own apps...without coding. Build displays of data, forms, processes, dashboards, charts, and other graphics with point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools.

CorasNow - Turn that spreadsheet into an app

Turn that spreadsheet into an app

Everyone uses spreadsheets to manage processes, projects, and other business functions. Now you can instantly create an app from that spreadsheet. Just upload the spreadsheet and Coras™ analyzes it and provides recommendations for an app. Confirm or modify, then just push the “build” button.

CorasNow - Connect to any data

Connect to any data

Use our CorasNow™ Connectors to integrate data and information from external sources into your applications. Use our pre-built connectors to Office 365, SQL Server, Google Drive, or MongoDB. Or, use custom connector to get full read/write capabilities to any other data source. Use “connect to any data” graphic from webcast deck.

CorasNow - Personalize your apps

Personalize your apps

Sometimes you need more than what’s “in the box.” In those cases, you can use our DevExtension Framework to go that last mile or get that unique feature or capability. Our Framework allows you to use familiar web development tools like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript with third-party tools like KnockOut, Kendo, Bootstrap, and HTML5. Use “Personalize your apps” screenshots from webcast deck.

CorasNow - Download and use apps

Download and use apps

Select from nine business-ready apps you can download and use immediately. And, as you build apps, you can deploy them to your own “internal” app store for use within your organization. Need screenshots of MyApps/AppStore.