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Your Alternative to the Salesforce Government Cloud

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Salesforce is a successful and respected company when it comes to providing Cloud-based solutions and platforms. But it’s definitely not the only one….nor necessarily the best, or most cost-effective.

Our platform – CorasNow—is a full-service Cloud platform that provides many of the same services, apps, and capabilities as Salesforce, but in a more flexible, user-friendly way...and at about 20% of the cost. It’s FedRAMP certified, used by the DoD and many civilian agencies, and being certified by GSA.

CorasNow provides many of the same benefits as Salesforce, but also offers many things you can’t get with Salesforce, including:

Control of Your Data

Control of Your Data – With Salesforce, your data sits in their proprietary cloud. With CorasNow, you control the data and can access it in an open format. So, if you decide to go a different direction, you can easily take your data with you.

Ease of Development

Ease of Development – Salesforce development is done using their proprietary tools—Visualforce, APEX, and their own custom version of JavaScript. With CorasNow, we have a visual design canvas that enables non-code development, and we also allow JavaScript, HTML, and CSS-based development. By leveraging an open standard, people and skills are easier to find and cost far less.

Runs Anywhere

Runs Anywhere – CorasNow is available as a SaaS offering (like Salesforce), but can also be deployed in a private cloud environment like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Or, you can stand it up behind your own firewall. It doesn’t matter to us. You get the same great features, capabilities, and services regardless of where it lives.

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