Powerful Enterprise Apps for SharePoint and Office 365

Webcast - Wednesday, August 16 - 2pm EDT

With CorasWorks, you can build and deploy solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 faster, easier, and more cost effectively. We deliver rapid value that allows you to increase the ROI of your SharePoint or Office 365 investment.

Since 2003, CorasWorks has been providing applications on Microsoft SharePoint. As SharePoint has evolved over the years—and with the advent and growth of Office 365—CorasWorks has evolved, too.

We now focus on provider-hosted apps, which is the recommended method for building and using apps for SharePoint and Office 365. Basically, you build apps “outside” of SharePoint or Office 365 and then “embed” them into your SharePoint or Office 365 interface. You already have users in SharePoint/O365 and the goal is to keep them there. Plus, you can leverage a more powerful set of tools when building the apps than if you built them in SharePoint or Office 365.

Join us for a webcast on Wednesday, August 16th, at 2pm EDT to learn more about our provider-hosted apps for SharePoint and Office 365, including:

  • What is a provider-hosted app
  • How you can integrate your SharePoint and Office 365 data and documents into the apps
  • Using our rapid solution delivery platform to build your own provider-hosted apps
  • Using our pre-built provider-hosted apps, like CorasManage for your PMO.

We look forward to seeing you there.