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CorasWorks™ Features

Application Designer

Visual design tool that makes it easy to design and architect solutions using a simple, drag-and-drop methodology. Access an extensive list of CorasWorks features, capabilities, and services that is unmatched in its breadth and flexibility.

CorasWorks - Application Designer

Custom Forms

Create your own custom forms with business logic and leverage your own HTML formatting. Set required fields, default values, make read-only, allow attachments, and even execute SharePoint workflows.

CorasWorks - Custom Forms

Business Rules

Using our Actions Framework, quickly and easily automate business processes to create ad-hoc workflows with timer-driven events, notifications, and reminders.

CorasWorks - Business Rules

Dashboards & Reporting

Drilldown, interactive dashboards and reports. Customize to track specific KPIs. Include charts, graphs, maps, and more visuals.

CorasWorks -  Dashboards & Reporting

Data Integration

Integrate data from almost any external application or database. Use the data in your solutions, forms, and reports.

CorasWorks - Data Integration

CorasWorks API

Leverage our CorasWorks® Application Service (CAPS) API to architect solutions on SharePoint using classic client-side web development tools, such as jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, JSON, and XML. No need for Visual Studio. See the text box at the top of this page for more information on CAPS.

CorasWorks - API