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Create Projects and Tasks
from Templates

Use CorasProject to quickly create project templates you can use over and over again. The templates can include tasks and subtasks to drive repeatability and governance, and give everyone a head start.

Manage Your Projects

CorasProject gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to managing your projects, tasks, and subtasks. Always know where everything is. Quickly assign tasks/subtasks. And update status quickly and easily. You won’t be constrained by rigid processes.

Manage Your Portfolios

A unique feature of CorasProject is the ability to define and manage portfolios. See across all your projects or select projects for specific portfolios. Group projects by function or type, or even across functions and types.

Support Different
Types of Projects

CorasProject is good for almost any project across your organization. It supports projects from IT, marketing, development, sales….it doesn’t matter. And it supports different methodologies, too, including agile, waterfall, and more.