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Modernizing the Way You Make and Manage Grants

Modernizing the Way You Make and Manage Grants

Modernize your full grants management life-cycle

CORASGrants is flexible, user-friendly software that drives significant improvements in efficiency, visibility, and collaboration, and delivers rapid value to everyone involved in the grants-making, award, and ongoing management processes. It’s designed to be “right-sized” for your organization and evolves as your grants management needs evolve.

See the Complete Picture

Plan, initiate, track, manage, and report on the full grants life-cycle.

Ensure Responsibility & Consistency

Standardize and "templatize"grants management processes.

Work More Efficiently

Improve collaboration and automation; reduce email and data entry.

Webinar: Thursday, Sep. 28, 1pm EDT

CorasGrants Webinar


CORASGrants includes a set of features and capabilities that help modernize, automate and standardize the management of the full grants lifecycle.


Managing The Full Grants Management Life-Cycle

CorasGrants gives organizations the ability to manage the full grants management life cycle, from program initiation through close-out. Every organization is different, so we start with a standard set of features and capabilities that can be modified to meet your exact needs. The application can be “right-sized” for your organization using our visual configuration tool, which allows business analysts to make the majority of changes without IT. The application also supports more complex customizations, such as integration with external data or legacy systems.

CorasGrants Full Grants Life Cycle Management


A global communication technology company is leveraging CorasGrants, running on CorasNow, to manage its full grants management process, including more than $300 million in grants. The primary challenge for the company was its reliance on manual processes, desktop tools, and email to manage the huge workload that is required to get the grants initiated and awarded. After the grants were awarded, there was a similar challenge communicating and collaborating with the grant recipients. With CorasGrants, the company was able to automate and standardize much of the “pre-award” work, resulting in significant time savings for staff, not to mention improving accuracy, deadlines, project completion, and reporting. The software has also streamlined and simplified all the communication and collaboration with the grant recipients, primarily driven by a secure, dedicated portal for each. All of the grant execution communication, collaboration, and deliverable management occurs through the secure portal. The system is currently being used to manage a portion of the $300 million in grants, but will soon be expanded to manage all grants from the company.