Zero to Organized in 60 Seconds…
at a Quarter of the Cost!

Zero to Organized in 60 Seconds…at a Quarter of the Cost!

Not having things organized takes up a lot of time…and energy.
You spend all your time trying to organize and lose focus on what’s really important…delivering successful outcomes.

You need your freedom back. You need the freedom to focus on the project,
talk to your customer, and ensure you are delivering a successful result.

With CorasManage, we give you that freedom. Go from “Zero to Organized” in just 60 seconds.
Get your projects up and running, get your team involved, and keep execs off your back with real-time reporting.
And, we can help you do it at a quarter of the cost.

No more business as usual. Get organized…and get your freedom back!

Drive Dynamic Decision-making with Coras

Drive Dynamic Decision-making

Real-time access, visibility, and reporting so your PMO always has the latest data and information. Get the data you need, when you need it…regardless of where it lives.

Work More Efficiently with Coras

Work More Efficiently

A single, unified system of data, process, and people for the entire PMO. Project portfolio management, business intelligence, process automation, and collaboration.

Adapt to Change with Coras

Adapt to Change

Flexible and nimble so your PMO can keep up with the changes occurring around you. The underlying platform makes it quick and easy to modify — without code.


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Manage Projects, Portfolios, and Programs with Coras

Manage Projects,
Portfolios, and Programs

Profit from full project, portfolio, and program management capabilities. Navigate onboarding, scheduling, risk and cost management, and more.

Manage Resources with Coras

Manage Resources

Allocate and deploy resources when and where they are needed across your business, then effectively track and report on those resources.

Manage Processes with Coras

Manage Processes

Automate your business processes to improve efficiency and achievement. Complete stage-gate capabilities with event-based timers and triggers.

Collaborate with Coras


Collaborate on projects, processes, documents, and reports within your PMO including built-in commenting and live data streams.

Dynamic Dashboards and Reports with Coras

Dynamic Dashboards
and Reports

Benefit from real-time visibility into your business. Drill down for more details and create dynamic dashboards and reports with ease.

Configure - No Code with Coras

Configure – No Code

Use the underlying platform and our visual design canvas to quickly and easily make changes to the application…without code. Wizard-based, drag-and-drop configuration.

Run Anywhere with Coras

Run Anywhere

CorasManage is delivered in a variety of models, including the public cloud (SaaS), private cloud (Azure, AWS), or behind your firewall. You get the same great software and same great benefits, no matter where the application lives.


Operational in 90 Days

Read how the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) operationalized CorasManage™ in 90 days and how over 1,100 users are managing 425 projects and portfolios across the world and how they will save over $2m in cost and productivity savings the first year.


Coras Customers - Corning - Pfizer - US Marines - DISA - US Army
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