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Deliver immediate value, Now!

CorasNow brings your mission, business and all it's applications together in the infrastructure you want. Our user friendly interface allows the organization access to tools and features that help their specific role support the mission of the enterprise.

Connect your mission and users to the inforamtion and capabilities you need with CorasNow

With CorasNow, connect your mission and users, to the information and capabilities you need, when and where they need it. No coding required.

Any idea

Start with an idea, end with an enterprise solution. CorasNow allows you to quickly model, test and deploy solutions and validate your requirements real-time with your stakeholders. Or, provision one of our 20 solutions and modify it instantly to meet your needs.

Any solution

Build and deploy enterprise solutions in minutes and hours. Reduce software development costs by 75% and bring new solutions to market in minutes. Deploy your own appstore where stakeholders can instantly provision information, capabilities and applications in minutes.

Any content

You have content, now use it. CorasNow integrates with any data, information or document warehouse you have or you can create your own through our visual design tools. Leverage multiple “out of the box” connectors that provide connections into leading and emerging content sources.

Any infrastructure

CorasNow works behind your firewall, in your data center or in any private, public or hybrid cloud such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Verizon and more. This provides you the flexibility to move your applications anywhere, anytime without any rework or redesign.

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Re-Imagine App Dev

CorasNow™ lets you quickly create your own apps that meet your exact needs. And it lets you do it 75% faster than traditional methods. Our revolutionary Visual Application Builder is designed with "ease of use" in mind, and lets you create apps...without writing a single line of code.

Re-Imagine App Dev with CorasNow

This was thenThis is Now
Lengthy development cyclesBuild and deploy in minutes
Write application codeNo code environment
Complex application codingVisual, drag and drop application builder
Servers and software licensingNo servers, no software
90% Technical, 10% Business90% Business, 10% Technical
Apps all over the placeMyApps Dashboard
Long installation processOne Touch App Provisioning
Complex data sharing and integrationInstant sharing of data between apps
Design for todayDesign and prepare for tomorrow
Start from scratchStart with blueprints and accelerators
Buy new apps and capabilities externallyIntegrated App Stores
Build and deploy within your infrastructureBuild and deploy in any infrastructure
Some of the apps available today in the AppStore
CorasNow - Application Demand Management App

Application Demand Management

Shine the light on shadow IT. Catalog, track, and manage apps.

CorasNow - Request Tracker App

Request Tracker

Add process, structure, and control incoming work requests.

CorasNow - Proposal Response Management App

Proposal Response Management

Ensure everyone is one the same page when responding to RFPs.

CorasNow - Project Tracker App

Project Tracker

Track, manage, report on projects. Schedules, costs, and risks.

CorasNow - Asset Management App

Asset Management

Always know what you have and where it is. Keep track of assets. .

CorasNow - CRM Lite App

CRM Lite

Manage all your accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

CorasNow - Task Tracker App

Task Tracker

Track personal and team tasks, departments, or the business.

CorasNow - Travel Request Manager App

Travel Request Manager

Easy to submit, review, approve, and report on travel requests.

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