Powerful Apps

for SharePoint and Office 365

Since 2003, CorasWorks has been providing applications on Microsoft SharePoint. As SharePoint has evolved over the years—and with the advent and growth of Office 365—CorasWorks has evolved, too. Our value proposition is the same: Build and deploy solutions faster, easier, and more cost effectively, increasing the ROI for your SharePoint and/or Office 365 investment.

We now focus on provider-hosted apps, which is the recommended method for building and using apps for SharePoint and Office 365. Basically, you build apps “outside” of SharePoint/Office 365 and then “embed” them into your SharePoint/Office 365 interface. You already have users in SharePoint/Office 365 and the goal is to keep them there. Plus, you can leverage a more powerful set of tools when building the apps than if you built them in SharePoint/Office 365.

With CorasWorks, you can:

  • Choose from our existing set of business app templates to get going
  • Or, design, build, and deploy your own apps.
  • Make better, more-informed decisions
  • Keep upper management informed
  • Rapidly adapt to change

Our PPM application is designed to work specifically with on-premises SharePoint or Office 365. Users access the application directly through the SharePoint/Office 365 interface. The app leverages many of the great features of SharePoint/Office 365, including full document management, permissions, and security.

Other features of the application include:

  • Onboarding center to propose, evaluate, and select projects
  • Full project management capabilities, including scheduling, Gantt chart, risk/issues, meetings, and finances
  • Portfolio management
  • Briefing/Reporting center

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