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Innovative Applications That Inspire And Delight Our Customers

We’ve delivered literally hundreds of applications for our customers from simple collaborative apps to sophisticated mission-critical systems. Whatever your need, we can build an app for that!

Streamline and simplify the process of creating, issuing, and awarding procurements.

Coras Apps - Acquisition to Award

Acquisition to Award

Allows an organization's members to engage more easily in the arbitration and claims mediation process.

Coras Apps - Arbitration / Claims Mediation

Arbitration / Claims Mediation

Manage your capture and proposal process and portfolio top down with a rich, flexible set of dashboards and reports.

Coras Apps - Capture and Proposal Management

Capture and Proposal Management

Manage internal and external change requests and the process for submitting, reviewing, managing, and approving requests.

Coras Apps - Change Request Management

Change Request Management

Facilitate the scheduling of conference rooms and other resources.

Coras Apps - Conference Room Scheduler

Conference Room Scheduler

Provide tighter control and visibility/tracking into asset, configuration, and change management processes.

Coras Apps - Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Submit, track, and approve requests for a variety of material, training, or capabilities.

Coras Apps - Materials Tracking

Materials Tracking

Web-based, dynamic information and resource center for your customers.

Coras Apps - Customer Center

Customer Center

Real-time, drilldown dashboards and reporting for quick status updates, KPIs, and more-informed decisionmaking.

Coras Apps - Dashboards / BI

Dashboards / BI

Facilitate annual planning by providing a process to capture, review, and evaluate your projects and their staffing needs.

Coras Apps - Demand Management

Demand Management

The "Easy Button" is a dynamic reporting capability that crates a Powerpoint deck from the data you have in your application.

Coras Apps - Dynamic Presentation Generator

Dynamic Presentation Generator

A centralized place for organizations to complete, enter, and manage expenses.

Coras Apps - Expanse Management

Expense Management

Manage the process of help desk tickets for both the submitter and the support team. Self-service features for the submitter, and tracking and management capabilities for the support team.

Coras Apps - Help Desk

Help Desk

Capture key new hire information and manage new hire tasks, like email setup and system access.

Coras Apps - HR Onboarding

HR Onboarding

Manage the full lifecycle of innovation management from idea inception all the way through development and implementation.

Coras Apps - Idea Management

Idea Management

Enable organizations to optimize the way they capture, manage, and track IDIQ task orders.

Coras Apps - IDIQ Task Order Management

IDIQ Task Order Management

Address the complete IT request management and fulfillment lifecycle.

Coras Apps - IT Reqeust Management

IT Request Management

Bring the many job posts, candidates, interviewers, and decision makers into a single place to gain control, visiblity, and peace of mind when it comes to your job interview.

Coras Apps - Job Interview Management

Job Interview Management

Single, centralized location for organizations to capture, review and approve, then provide an organized, searchable knowledge base of items to their user base.

Coras Apps - Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Dynamic training and education resource that delivers documents, embedded video content, tips and tricks, best practices through an intuitive, user-friendly experience.

Coras Apps - Learning Center

Learning Center

Manage the onboarding new products and taking ideas from inception to final product.

Coras Apps - New Product Portal

New Product Portal

Targeted to pharmaceutical companies, track the commercialization of products across all of manufacturing lines.

Coras Apps - Serialization Dashboard

Serialization Dashboard

Tracks time for employees through a point-and-click approach, as opposed to filling out timecards.

Coras Apps - Time Clock Management

Time Clock Management

Understand the impact and performance of vendors and contractors who support business strategies and priorities.

Coras Apps - Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Streamline and simplify the process of creating, issuing, and awarding procurements.

Coras Apps - Work Order Approval

Work Order Approval