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Coras Marketing Solution

Imagine a marketing management software that makes your creative life easier instead of overburdening or complicating it. Coras provides marketing and creative teams the right structure for their unique way of working, helping them control their work chaos and foster creativity in a simple, attractive interface that works the way you naturally work.

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Manage with a Click

Roll out your new brand strategy, website design plan, or marketing campaign plan with the click of a button.



Speed up the creative process with online reviews and approvals. 

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Align the ideal mix of resources to get all your projects done with less, all while granting real-time visibility.

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Case Study: Enhanced and Extended Proposal Management

Read how the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) operationalized CorasManageā„¢ in 90 days and how over 1,100 users are managing 425 projects and portfolios across the world and how they will save over $2m in cost and productivity savings the first year.

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