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Is Your Current
Software Leaving You Flat?






Zoom-in for Specifics
Zoom-out for the

When there are so many details, it can be hard to see the big picture across the whole body of work. That’s why you may need to adjust your focus. Coras uses mind mapping to help you get to where you need to go.


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Tailor Process to the 
Way You Work
 Coras customers turn to our custom process capability, to do everything from expense approvals to idea management. Our customers recognize that not everything in work is a task, and they like the flexibility they have to step beyond the task, and manage their work processes as well.

If You are Reinventing the Wheel on Each Project, Stop!

Your team spends lots of time planning out an initiative. That event passes, and then you start from scratch on planning the next one. Reuse your work by creating a Gallery Map for your teams to use later. This is a huge timesaver when you do a similar project in the future


Keeping the Schedule in Sight

It is easy to lose sight of when things need to be delivered

when project teams are working in an Agile way. Many of our customers find it beneficial to look at the overall timeline of what they need to deliver, while working on sprints. 

They use Coras to help them prioritize what to work on this week, and what is on the horizon in the coming weeks.



Meaningful Reports
You want to be able to gain real insights from the information you are putting into the system. Reports are only valuable if they are displayed in a meaningful way that makes sense. Our reporting is dynamic, and changes based on wherever you navigate to in your body of work, so if you want to see the report across multiple projects you can.