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The work management tool

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Teams use CORAS to get real-time insight
into their tasks and programs. Manage your
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Why teams use CORASTeams?


In today's world, program teams need to be aligned and operating on the same frequency more than ever before. Teams use CORAS to get their work in direct alignment with their mission. CORASTeams give them the power to Plan, Track, and Execute within a common "program command center" to ensure mission success. 

Mind Map 2.0

Task & Team Management 

CORASTeams gives each program team member an area to plan, collaborate, and execute to get work done. Sometimes it's on your schedule, sometimes it's not. We can track both.



Introduce repeatability by using templates for your teams to use later. CORAS allows you to template not just entire program schedules, but any repeatable group of tasks.  

Template Gallery
Schedule  Feature


Whether you're importing your schedule from somewhere else, or building it in CORAS, keep your teams on track and driving deliverables forward in a shared environment.  


Our reporting is dynamic, and changes based on wherever you navigate to in your body of work, so if you want to see the report across multiple programs you can. 

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