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Trade Show and Conference Solutions

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge:

Streamline Planning, Execution and Attendee Experience with a Tailored App, Digital Agendas and Graphics that Deliver Outcomes.


Increase Attendance

Increase Attendance

“Attendee First” focus for greater business value to make yours the go-to-event. 


  • Demonstrate Value! Approval Assist/Justification Pre-Event
  • Goal Setting in Advance
  • Tailored Event Schedules
  • Capture of Ideas/Actions at Event
  • Organize & Action Before, During & After with Notes & Assignments
  • Team & Mgmt. Engagement and Reporting of Post-Event Actions  
Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Up and running in hours, not days or weeks, for access anywhere, anytime.

  • No development or outsourcing of Mobile App – Coras iOS and Android
  • No installation or IT support required: set-up in minutes, get started in hours achieve success in days
  • Avoid costly mistakes with improved visibility, transparency, and communication
  • Supports existing software packages & programs
Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Don’t drop the ball! Leverage repeatable processes, check-lists, and best practices.

  • Use pre-defined CORAS template style maps, or create your own, to quickly implement event prep
  • Use CORAS process for speaker and vendor review and approval
  • Use the Mobile “quick swipe” update from the venue floor to ensure everything is complete
Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Actionable, pre-conference check lists (map). 
Maps for Vendors and Sponsors. 
  • Automated, customizable prep lists saves hours of planning time & missed steps
  • Goal Setting in Advance for Vendors
  • Stay ahead of prep activities and optimize the event with a well-executed plan


Maximize Opportunities

Maximize Opportunities

Capture follow-up activities during the event to maximize opportunities. 

  • Enable Vendors and Attendees with tech tools to Brainstorm ideas and event take-aways.
  • Capture ideas, actions, and follow-up activities.
  • Create actionable maps for Attendees.
  • Optimize networking opportunities

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