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Training and Education

Coras™ is committed to the success of our customers. One of the ways we help ensure such success is through our Training and Education programs. We offer a range of training and education options, all designed to help our customers get started successfully with their solutions and applications.

Our curriculum addresses not only our platforms and applications, but also your customized applications. Courses can be delivered on site or in a distance-learning format. Whatever content or mode you choose, you’ll receive a no-nonsense training and education experience to prepare you and your organization for long-term success.



“Out Of The Box” Training

We have several “out of the box” training programs ready to deliver to your organization. These programs cover our core applications and platforms and can be delivered either on site or through distance learning.


train2.pngHands-On Workouts

Workouts are a series of hands-on exercises designed to train you on the basic functions of your specific solution. You’ll be using your “live” solution and training on the core things you’ll be doing every day. The Workouts not only speed user adoption but help target any necessary customizations.


train3.pngCustomized Training

Our Visual Application Builder lets business users design, build, and deploy their own apps...without coding. Build displays of data, forms, processes, dashboards, charts, and other graphics with point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools.