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Driving solutions on Microsoft SharePoint.

Solutions In Less Time, At Less Cost, With Less Risk.

CorasWorks® is the only true enterprise platform for Microsoft SharePoint. It makes it easy to architect and deliver rich business applications on SharePoint. Use our visual design tools to quickly and easily drag-and-drop your way to rich, dynamic apps. Or, leverage our API for more sophisticated features and solutions using familiar web development tools.

App Designer

Quickly and easily create apps with our visual design tool. Innovative, drag-and-drop design canvas and point-and-click wizards enable non-developers to build apps without a single line of code.

Application Service API

Use your web development skills to extend your applications with unique features and capabilities. Leverage familiar web development tools like jQuery, javascript, JSON, HTML, and XML.

Productivity Tools

Save significant time and effort with our one-click Presentation Builder. Identify the information you need, create a template, then automatically output the information into an industry-standard, customizable, presentation format.

Additional Features and Capabilities

CorasWorks® includes a unique set of features and capabilities that add to and extend the App Designer and the API. These features and capabilities provide a breadth and flexibility that is unmatched in the SharePoint market. Leverage key features such dashboards and reporting, data integration, business rules, custom forms, and more.

Additional Features and Capabilities

Benefits Of The CorasWorks® Software Platform

  • Build Solutions Faster Build dynamic work management solutions in less time, at less cost, and with less risk using our visual design tools.

  • Bring All the Pieces Together Combine the various parts you need for a solution - content, views, forms, rules, security, reporting, and dashboards - together in one interface that is easy to use and understand.

  • Realize Immediate Business Value It really can be immediate. Within minutes, create a site, access our tools, and start dragging and dropping.

  • Build Many Solutions It’s not a one-shot deal. With our tools you can build as many solutions as you want or need. And you benefit from using the same tools every time.