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Coras and Verizon Partner to Deliver Secure OM App for OCR 2017

Coras and Verizon Partner to Deliver Secure Operations Management Application for OCR 2017.

Coras and Verizon Partner to Deliver Secure Operations Management Application for OCR 2017

CorasNow application development platform will be part of single-largest, real-world IoT test environment.

McLean, VA (June 8, 2017) – Coras, a leading provider of software for managing your business teams, today announced it is partnering with Verizon Communications to develop a software application that will highlighted during Operation Convergent Response 2017 (OCR2017) in Perry, GA.  OCR2017 is an interactive event that will showcase the single largest, real-world “Internet of Things” (IoT) test environment.  The event simulates real-life hazardous locations and disaster scenes and tests how the IoT environment supports such extreme situations.

“Verizon is a long-time partner and customer of Coras and we are excited to be working with them again to develop an application for OCR2017,” said Dan Naselius, President of Coras. “Our joint application is designed to be an ‘on-the-ground’ operations center for those who are leading and managing rescue and recovery operations. A key benefit of the app is its ability to be rapidly modified in the field to meet the exact circumstances of the situation.”

The application is built on CorasNow, which is Coras’ a highly secure on-demand rapid application development platform. The platform leverages an open interface and visual design tools so users can quickly and easily build and/or modify applications to meet their precise needs.  The application is designed as part of a first-responder kit developed by Verizon that can be air-dropped and used in the field in emergency situations. The kits include a highly-secure server with all the required software already installed, including the CorasNow management application. The servers also include Verizon’s proprietary, highly-secure Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). The SDP is “invisible” except to those devices with visible DNS information or IP addresses and mitigates the most common network-based attacks. 

 “The best thing about the application is that first responders can quickly modify the base application based on the circumstances and situation,” said Naselius. “CorasNow includes a visual interface with wizards, drag-and-drop, and other configuration tools so it can literally be modified in minutes, in the field…without any code. This customization ensures that emergency personnel will have exactly what they need to address the challenges in front of them.”

About Coras
Coras is a leading provider of software that manages business teams.  Customers in both the federal and commercial sectors trust Coras to help them drive better decisions, work more efficiently, and rapidly adapt to change.  Our agile, flexible design allows customers to easily configure the software to meet their exact needs, or rapidly build custom apps without code. All Coras software is available in the public cloud, in a private cloud, or behind the firewall.  Coras is based in McLean, VA.  For more information visit coras.com.

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