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CORAS Joins the AWS Partner Network and AWS Public Sector Partner Program

CORAS, a FedRAMP High enterprise decision management software as a service platform is now a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network.

CORAS helps the DoD make faster decisions with proven decision science and enterprise decision management, AI, real-time analytics, and FedRAMP High service

MCLEAN, Va. -- January 21, 2022: CORAS, a FedRAMP High enterprise decision management software as a service (SaaS) platform is now a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). Being part of this global opportunity provides Department of Defense (DoD) customers the ability to leverage CORAS quickly, and the confidence to solve complex challenges in the highest security environments at cloud speed. CORAS also joins the AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program, which recognizes AWS Partners with cloud-based solutions and experience supporting government, space, education, and nonprofits around the world.

CORAS helps federal agencies achieve enterprise decisions at scale and delivers data management and the speed required to meet mission objectives. Already at work in the DoD, CORAS software is FedRAMP High, runs on the Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) and Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), and has Impact Level (IL) 5/6 controls built-in through AWS GovCloud.

“CORAS is a unique FedRAMP High SaaS application with AI & analytics,” said Dan Naselius, President and Chief Technology Officer at CORAS. “We integrate with every product on the market, making it possible to connect and transform siloed data into a cohesive, single pane of glass, real-time solutions. Leveraging AWS can provide federal civilian and DoD agencies a facilitated onramp to our decision-making capabilities and real-time data management to support a state of readiness.”

CORAS delivers core business processes, live reporting, and analysis. With no rip and replace requirements, CORAS is up and running in days, configured to work alongside existing programs to illuminate dark data, transform existing information, and provide real-time reporting.

Use cases like supporting the US Navy’s Program Objective Memorandum (POM) process demonstrates CORAS’ ability to aggregate mammoth amounts of data and provide clear, decisive budget management solutions. CORAS supports and expedites their annual POM budget “adds/offsets” warfighter funding requirements. CORAS delivers ‘what-if’ and snapshot visualization tools in a centralized data repository for users to assess, balance, and report their budget requirement results in real-time. CORAS artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities compare requirement data across years to optimize funding decisions. For a demo and extrapolated use case, please register for an upcoming Carahsoft events webinar, Digitizing the POM for Faster Decision Cycles on Tuesday, January 25 at 2 p.m. EST.

CORAS also provides multi-production applications for the Navy who currently use CORAS for a rollup of project and portfolio management data encompassing schedule, budget/spend, and resource availability to form a holistic picture for decision-making. Leadership indicated that it was the first time they were able to get a real-time corporate view of financials across all their projects and portfolios.

“AWS is a trusted cloud solution within the federal government, and CORAS is the ideal facilitator,” said Moe Jafari, Chief Executive Officer at CORAS. “CORAS business processes deliver real-time enterprise decision management solutions. DoD leaders do not have time to wait on reports; with CORAS, leaders gain visibility into the entire decision space, and the ability to cycle through alternative courses of action and associated tradeoffs and risks. CORAS provides the decision advantage that leadership needs in a constant state of readiness.”

Using CORAS AI/natural language processing (NLP) and sharing every unique solution created for prior clients, CORAS provides federal customers with a constantly enriched set of applications. The CORAS commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform provides rapid no/low-code digital transformation, with decision support tools across multiple use-case applications, reducing the meantime to decisions in real-time. CORAS AI/NLP/machine learning (ML), a first-of-its-kind capability set, helps the customer discover dark data and unseen consequences, now searchable, to make informed critical decisions.


CORAS is part of the family of companies held by Executive 1 Holding Company, LLC (EX1), a strategic partnership of leading providers of AI/ML/NLP, technology, and consulting solutions to the federal government (HumanTouch, LLC and Plasticity, Inc.). CORAS is a cloud-based ready-to-use software that runs on any web browser, owns its entire software stack, and is currently running on both the NIPR and SIPR networks. CORAS software can be purchased via GSA Schedule, NASA SEWP, SIBR/STTR, and multiple third parties including Carahsoft and AWS Public Sector Marketplace. There are 1,600+ CORAS customers globally in both the commercial and federal marketplace.

To learn more about how CORAS helps Public Sector agency leaders, the DoD, and their partners drive confident decisions and decisive actions at mission speeds, go to Coras.com.

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