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The enterprise decision management platform
of the future powered by NLP,AI, and ML.
Powered by Plasticity AI.



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A Revolution in Business Decisions!

Decision Management Apps help large organizations bring together Business Intelligence, Business Processes, and Discoverability to uniquely solve specific business problems. 


Meet Gary

Gary is your AI/ML bot that does the work that you don't want to or maybe even don't know how.  Gary is powered by Plasticity which is an end to end Natural Language Process Framework and understands structured and unstructured information better than you can ever imagine.   


What does Gary do for you? 

  • Gary understands what you type.  Because of that he is able to alert you about related items that you probably don't even know about. 

  • Automatically brings in external data and maps it for you. Once setup, you won't have to go through integration issues again. 

  • Monitors what you do and runs business rules that do all kinds of nifty things to ensure that everyone is kept aware without information overload. 

  • Discovers information that you didn't know you needed.

The core of NODES


The core of NODES is built around the way the human brain solves complex problems. Humans break down large problems into smaller and smaller ones until they can gain clarity and understand them. We break these problems down into what we call a Node. They also rollup these small problems into higher and higher levels of abstraction which we call Collections. 

NODES Map (1)
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More than just a "Node"


Every node on the Map represents much more than an image and a name! Each node is packed with powerful tools that make it easy to organize, perform, and report at different levels of the organization. 

NLP, AI/ML, Integrations, ETL


At CORAS we realize that no software lives in isolation so NODES has a set of rich services to connect NODES to your existing systems through live connections or through spreadsheet ingestion.    

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Make the Leap and Start Making Better Decisions

Discover how with CORAS' NODES platform, you can unleash the full potential of your data, budget, and staff! Get the right information at the right time all in one solution. Download the white paper today to learn more!


Revolutionize the way you budget

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The problem with most software is that you can't find anything. With NODES, information is easy to find. Where ever you are within the CORAS Map, you can easily find the data you need to make decisions quickly. In addition, CORAS has added additional tools to make it easy to keep up with the critical items that need attention. Some of the discovery tools are: 

NODES Tiles v2

Enterprise Tiles

While the Map view is very good for quickly seeing problem children within the context of the hierarchy, Tiles flattens the structure and allows you to drill into which Nodes meet certain criteria. Find the needle in the haystack in seconds!


My Work

Each individual has their own work and responsibilities that must be done to make sure the bigger picture comes together. Quickly see what is on your plate and needs to be done now with our nifty timeline feature.



NODES allows members who have been given access to a Node the ability to have discussions around the various items that are being managed or even about the Node itself. CORAS Chat surfaces all of this communication into one easy to use the tool. Team members can see every conversation that is going on about teams that they are part of in and respond and drill into the details of the items being discussed. Never miss an important conversation again.

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Enterprise decision management of tomorrow



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