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CORAS Use-Cases

Root Cause Analysis

CORAS built and integrated the machine learning APIs for Network and Data-Center Intelligent Assistant (NADIA) Root Cause Analysis (RCA) engine and Advanced Search Engine (ASE) with Q&A abilities. CORAS leverages the CANES infrastructure, which is replacing legacy networks on naval ships, submarines, and shore sites; designed to streamline and update shipboard networks to improve interoperability across the Navy fleet.

Leadership can visualize and manage its entire IT network with a detailed dashboard providing root cause analysis (issue detection and resolution) and AI smart search. 

CORAS' RCA engine automatically identifies any potential issues, current issues, and recommended corrective actions, while its ASE enables faster and more relevant searching of CANES documentation. CORAS AI Smart Search delivers deeper and more accurate responses to queries for faster resolution.

Root-Cause Analysis

Identify Common Failures & Predicting Solutions Using AI

CORAS AI reads and understands the comments and descriptions written in unstructured text. It visualizes and organizes millions of work records into common problem clusters so that personnel can quickly identify predictive solutions, and summarizes prior corrective actions to the discrepancy.

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