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CORAS Customer Profile: U.S. Navy




CORAS proudly supports portfolio, program, and project managers, and Program Executive Offices across the U.S. Navy's NAVAIR and NAVSEA systems commands. Our software delivers process management, data workflow automation, and business intelligence for a 360-degree view of projects, portfolios, and program office execution. More than just reporting, CORAS' live, interactive data environment features schedules, roadmaps,  AI predictions, and similarity analysis for strategic asset capability and readiness decision support. 

Designed for the unique mission and business challenges of the Department of Defense, CORAS' enterprise decision management platform enables U.S. Navy customers to engage in ‘what if/trade-off’ scenarios and view potential outcomes in real-time across integrated warfare systems.

Beyond mere dashboards, our interactive, advanced data visualizations provide U.S. Navy users with trusted, actionable insights into their options – driving faster, more informed decisions at the speed of relevance. 

CORAS has a proven record of augmenting U.S. Navy capabilities that improve mission effectiveness, resource efficiency, and military readiness – all while saving time and money for U.S. taxpayers.


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CORAS positions the DoD to make informed decisions with proven Enterprise Decision Management, AI, Real-Time Analytics, and FedRAMP High Service

Portfolio Optimization

Enterprise visibility, balancing, and optimization up and down departments. 

Enterprise Discovery

One-stop-shop for decision-makers - interactive, real-time data at your fingertips.

Product Management

Align Products and prototypes with enterprise strategy. 

Cross-Functional Team Management

Bring teams together, align them with strategy, and get more done.

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Budget Prioritization

Ensure the dollar spend advances the mission.

Real-Time Business Insights

Interact with data, people, and processes in real-time - no more educated guessing.

Enterprise Strategic Alignment

Enterprise visibility to maximize strategy execution.

Portfolio Rollup

Aggregate cost, schedule, risk, and performance data across the organization. 

CORAS supports Portfolio, Program, and Project Management across the U.S. Navy

For more detailed information and articulated solutions, examine our use cases or contact us to experience CORAS' transformative capabilities. 

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