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CORAS Use-Cases: 

Driver Trees

Driver Trees

CORAS Driver Trees function reveals cause-and-effect relationships - delivering visual insights into outcomes and metrics that drive mission success. 

CORAS Driver Trees illuminate relationships between your requirements, actions, performance metrics, mission, and real-world outcomes. 

Already at work within the DoD, CORAS Driver Trees are built into our FedRAMP High enterprise decision management SaaS platform.

The intuitive system enables users to: 

  • Support leadership to define strategic objectives and critical goals
  • Identify and align workflows to key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Predict future performance in frameworks such as World Class Alignment Metrics (WAM) 
  • Focus efforts on strategic alignment and accountability to top priorities 
  • Articulate clear ownership/responsibility delineations
  • Provide a data dictionary of metrics and status
  • Assess contributions to departmental drivers and KPIs

CORAS gathers all your data together and enriches existing systems or software, enabling you to work faster. CORAS delivers functional solutions within days and weeks, guided by our Customer Success team dedicated to your mission and experience. With proven performance for the Department of Defense, CORAS is FedRAMP High, IL 4/5, and available on NIPR and SIPR.

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