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CORAS Use-Cases

Digitizing the POM -
Insights for Better Decision Making

View, Manage, and Allocate Funds for various Defense Programs

CORAS supports OPNAV N94 for their annual POM budget “adds/offsets” warfighter funding requirements. Our customer had a mission need for an automated tool and solution to assess and prioritize POM requirements and balance accounts at both the Portfolio and Branch levels.

The CORAS solution solved the manual, spreadsheet-driven, labor-intensive process by aggregating budgeting data in various source systems and formats, including spreadsheets and emails, into a single source of truth in real time.

N94 also needed to be able to compare current-year trade-off requirement selections against historical years, to analyze trends, and capture and understand prior decisions to enable more informed current-year decisions.

Digitizing the POM

CORAS' AI capabilities compare requirement data across years to optimize funding decisions. Leadership can balance and report budget requirement results in real-time, with snapshot visualization tools.

CORAS saves months of manual effort every budget cycle resulting in a 3x ROI. CORAS identifies an average of 10x the amount of redundant or misaligned requirements, compared to the cost of the CORAS platform. The real-time ability to see tradeoff options saves millions of potentially wasted dollars and Leadership gets true decision support.

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