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CORAS Releases "Quick Assign" Feature: Gets Data to Team Faster

Coras, a pioneer in Work Management since 2003, announced today the Quick Assign mode for users to work faster in getting work out, and adjust more quickly when assignments change.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Eric Baughman (703) 797 1881 #110


McLean, VA – January 2, 2018 – CORAS, a pioneer in Work Management since 2003, announced today the addition of a Quick Assign feature for CORAS users. It facilitates the seamless transition of material and data to key team members, enabling faster turn-around, and more intuitive and responsive adjustments when assignments change.

Business Agility means quickly engaging your teams

"At the heart of Business Agility is the team, and the ability to quickly get information out and assigned to that team is key to taking action. That was our development mission for the 'Quick Assign' feature," said Eric Baughman, Director of Product Management. 

In Fall 2017, CORAS introduced its innovative Maps feature, designed to quickly structure work for team management, providing clarity and focus in smaller, "bite-size" segments.  Customers readily adopted Maps for its ease and flexibility in organizing work without the rigidity of traditional systems.  Now, Maps has the added feature of the Quick Assign mode; in moments you can select a user, click on items to assign, all without opening each one at a time. It also helps with reassigning work, rapidly adapting to changing resources.

CORAS' Quick Assign has limitless potential, with layered functionality and enhanced usability. Like the simple, highly visual Maps feature, they are powerful tools that allow you to organize work, projects, and teams. CORAS makes your business agile. For further information, go to https://go.coras.com/go or contact us at (703) 797 1881 #41.


CORAS offers solutions in mid-market and enterprise-level companies, including a flexible foundation for running your business; giving managers, project managers, and other stakeholders the tools they need to effectively manage their projects. This core project management functionality is supported by a wealth of other key features, including BI/Analytics and Process Improvement. CORAS additionally offers instructor-led training, as well as self-service, learning centers, online forums, and other optimal resources.

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