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Capture Ideas & Actions in a Workable Format

Coras, a pioneer in Work Management since 2003, announced today the addition of the new Brainstorm feature to allow users to quickly and easily capture unstructured work to action or organize it later.

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McLean, VA – February 14, 2018 – CORAS, a pioneer in Work Management since 2003, announced today the addition of a new Brainstorm feature that allows users to quickly capture unstructured work and ideas, or organize it for later use.

"As we work closely with customers, we realize users don't always know how pieces will come together into actionable work," says James Smith, Head of Customer Success.  "It was important to provide a blank canvas of sorts where users could capture potential project work items, ideas, or basic to-do's, then detail and action them later.  It's better than a whiteboard because you can type them in, group them, move them around, and then drag them within an existing body of work or Lane if you need to."

Capture Now…Action Later

Imagine that you're in a meeting, and there are a lot of potential action items being discussed, but you’re not sure when they might be done, who might do them, whether they belong within a current iterative, or constitute a new one. With CORAS Brainstorm, you just type a title in the area for later thought and action and capture it; rather than slowing the meeting pace, or disrupting its flow with details. Brainstorm features include:

• Rapid Item Entry
• Resizable Canvas for More or Less Workspace
• Drag-and-Drop from Brainstorm to Lanes to Structure Work
• Right-click to delete
• My Brainstorm Area – for you only
• Team Brainstorm Area – for Grouped Teamwork
• Group Brainstorm Items
• Drag Groups of Brainstorm Items to Detail and Schedule in Lanes View


The addition of the unstructured Brainstorm feature is a natural complement to the structured work feature of Lanes (previously the Map) and Work Together in CORAS software.  For further information, go to https://go.coras.com/go or contact us at (703) 797 1881 #41.


CORAS offers solutions in mid-market and enterprise-level companies, including a flexible foundation for running your business; giving managers, project managers, and other stakeholders the tools they need to effectively manage their projects. This core project management functionality is supported by a wealth of other key features, including BI/Analytics and Process Improvement. CORAS additionally offers instructor-led training, as well as self-service, learning centers, online forums, and other optimal resources.

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