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CORAS Wins Contract with the United States Naval Academy (USNA) Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Division

CORAS partners with the United States Naval Academy Leadership, Education and Development Division to create State-of-the-art mobile-enabled applications.

MCLEAN, Va. – October 24, 2023: CORAS is proud to announce a contract with the United States Naval Academy (USNA) to develop and deliver a mobile-enabled application for its Leadership, Education, and Development (LEAD) Division. The mobile application requirement was envisioned and spearheaded by Captain Kevin Mullaney, USN, Ph.D., the Course Director and Leadership, Ethics, and Law department chair for the USNA. Named the Leaders Compass, the application is created through research in leadership development, decision-making, and moral psychology, and delivers a competency support framework for Midshipmen leader development across the institution.

“We are honored to support the US Naval Academy and its mission to cultivate the next generation of DoD Leaders,” said CORAS President and CTO Dan Naselius. “Aggregating data from all the USNA scoring areas into a mobile-enabled tracking format makes it possible for every Midshipman and Faculty to see how they are performing and growing – the familiar tracker format delivers a complete user experience and ensures buy-in at all levels. It is exciting to see how Navy and Marine Corps future leaders will be interacting with data in this way from the onset of their careers.”

“One of the advantages of the Leaders Compass system is that it integrates the entire developmental experience for Midshipmen across the 47-month journey at the Naval Academy,” CAPT Mullaney said. “We are fortifying the future fleet of officers by providing purposeful development in conjunction with assessments, making the data that we collect actionable and giving students access to robust developmental resources and curated experiences with the Naval Academy’s faculty and leadership.”

The Leaders Compass supports the assessment of Midshipmen in four (4) key areas: academic, professional/leadership development, physical, and competencies. It allows Midshipmen to track coursework and grades, chart performance in classes and training exercises, engage with coaches and faculty, and follow assigned work and goal progression. Peer review provides 360-degree feedback on leadership behaviors and relationship management. The Leaders Compass offers complete transparency and a level of engagement that keeps Midshipmen focused on their leadership journey from day one.

USNA faculty and staff also benefit from the Leaders Compass application. They have access to Midshipmen data on the scope and effectiveness of classes, training, development, GPA, Scores, materials, and events. On a comprehensive level, it also gathers collective data to assess and gauge program performance and effectiveness.

CORAS is already at work in the Department of Defense (DoD), managing an array of disparate data sources and bringing real-time interaction, data modeling, and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to federal civilian and military agencies. CORAS manages some of the largest business challenges through proprietary solutions that offer flexibility to work with existing programs with proven business processes and no data lock-in. CORAS’ Enterprise SaaS solution manages the US Navy’s digital POM and supports various S&T portfolios and contracts that use data to solve complex business challenges. CORAS’ privately-owned solutions allow it to be an open data company that supports the preparation and readiness of data for AI and machine learning (ML) as well as putting the teams in place that can gather the data and run models against it.


CORAS is part of the family of companies held by Executive 1 Holding Company, LLC (EX1), a strategic partnership of leading providers of AI/ML/NLP, technology, and consulting solutions to the federal government (HumanTouch, LLC, Plasticity, Inc., and Docugraph). To learn more about how CORAS supports Public Sector agency leaders, the DoD, and their partners to drive confident decisions and actions at mission speeds, go to Coras.com. 

CORAS is the Decision Maker’s Decision Maker. 

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