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CORAS, Where Business is Agility

and teams achieve real results

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How quickly can your organization adapt to change?
Coras Makes It Easy


Coras is a SaaS-based business agility solution that employs mind mapping, boards, Gantt charts and a host of powerful capabilities to help you organize, execute and make better decisions.

The only step required is to get started! You don’t need to be perfect and you don’t need a meeting to sort out a strategy. Select a work map, drop in some tasks, do the work and go from there.   

In a week or two, you’ll start seeing not just results, but patterns of what’s working and what’s not. The newfound knowledge will improve future processes - saving time, money, and allow your organization to grow.



Organize Quickly!
Organize your work through our unique map based approach. Visualize your entire digital workplace in one place, drilling down to any level is simple and intuitive.

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Execute Your Work With Ease

Access existing work maps as a starting point then make them your own. Hundreds of maps to choose from -- marketing, legal, architecture, project management, development, and so much more...         

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Continuously Improve

Evaluate what you have accomplished and adjust your teams’ plan going forward. 


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Make Better Decisions

Having visibility across your teams' works gives you the power to evaluate and adjustment in real-time. With Coras, organizations can adapt at the speed of change.

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Looking for Enterprise features like custom reporting and analysis?


In our Enterprise Edition, we recognizes that as companies get larger they have more complex needs. That is why we have our
enterprise plan that allows for greater customizations for larger organizations.