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Get Started Quickly

Our goal with CorasProject is to get you up and running as quickly and as easily as possible. So, if you’re using Microsoft Project, Excel, or other planning tool, just upload the project plan into CorasProject. Or, you can create your project plan directly in CorasProject. Either way, it’s fast and easy to get started.

Collaborate and Empower Team Members

Team members can work in the system, too, so you don’t have to be responsible for everything. Empower them to make changes, update status, and contribute to the overall success of the project. And it’s easy to learn and use. Who has time for training? CorasProject has an intuitive UX so your team can jump right in and start adding value.

Provide Visibility into Projects and Portfolios

Much of your time is spent collecting the details. With CorasProject, all the details are in one place. You don’t have to constantly look for them. You also spend time informing others what’s going on. Now just share a link with your boss to provide access to all the details and real-time updates. Save all that time to focus on delivering a successful project.
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Work More Efficiently with Coras

Upload your
MPP Files

If you’re using—and continue to want to use MS Project or any other planning tool— then just upload your project plans. Hierarchies and dependencies upload too, and you now have a dynamic, working project instead of just a static plan.

Work More Efficiently with Coras

Create Projects and
Tasks from Templates

Use CorasProject to quickly create project templates you can use over and over again. The templates can include tasks and subtasks to drive repeatability and governance, and give everyone a head start.

Work More Efficiently with Coras

Manage Your

CorasProject gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to managing your projects, tasks, and subtasks. Always know where everything is. Quickly assign tasks/subtasks. And update status quickly and easily. You won’t be constrained by rigid processes.

Work More Efficiently with Coras

Manage Your

A unique feature of CorasProject is the ability to define and manage portfolios. See across all your projects or select projects for specific portfolios. Group projects by function or type, or even across functions and types.

Work More Efficiently with Coras

Support Different
Types of Projects

CorasProject is good for almost any project across your organization. It supports projects from IT, marketing, development, sales….it doesn’t matter. And it supports different methodologies, too, including agile, waterfall, and more.