A Revolutionary Approach To Managing the PMO

Turn Your Processes Into Projects Automatically

No More Data Calls!
Instant Management Reviews At The Touch Of A Button!


Getting project managers to follow governance and provide visibility is hard!

But it doesn't have to be. With our revolutionary Process Map and automated Project Scheduling, teams can start working on the actual project work faster than ever before. Project Managers don't have time to tailor processes or build out complicated schedules from scratch. This is especially true when the project managers don't have formal education and struggle with the overhead of building out processes, plans, and schedules without the help an automated system provides.

Hate the painful data calls and long hours creating PowerPoint decks for your PMRs, IPRs, and QIRs (or whatever you call them)? It takes hours—sometimes day and weeks. And, by the time it’s finished, the information is already old. Why does it have to be so painful? With the Briefing Center, teams no longer need data calls to "find the data" and then spend countless hours compliling it into a PowerPoint. The Project Manager is able to simply launch their presentation in the format defined by senior management.

Get more done with less work than ever before!

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CorasManage Live Webcast

CorasManage Live Webcast

A Revolutionary Approach to Managing Your PMO. Join us May 24 for a live Webcast.

Coras Whitepaper

Coras Whitepaper

The Future of Enterprise Portfolio Management.

The Leader "To make the best decisions, I need an accurate, up-to-the minute understanding of where things are today and where they’ll likely be tomorrow. This means real-time data in a consistent project management review that I can both communicate around and act upon, all from one place.”
- The Leader
The Manager “I can’t afford wasted time and effort on ‘data calls.’ I need immediate results, at the touch of a button, to deliver the most useful information – meaning it must be both timely and accurate. And we have to be able to drill-down on details as necessary to provide the whole picture.“
- The Manager
The Team “We need a place to easily and efficiently complete our activities to get work done and keep others informed of our progress and obstacles. All the while we must to be in sync with organizational priorities and objectives. Effective communication is key so our voice is not lost through the reporting of data in order to maintain the integrity of the information.”
- The Team
The Administrator “I need to make sure the system is nimble and rapidly adapts to the constant change within our organization. That means end users can self-service by building their own reports and tailored displays to target the information they need. I also need to respond to very specific needs through a configuration vs. code approach."
- The Administrator

Customers who manage their business with Coras

Fortune 500 manufacturer using CORAS Cloud for sophisticated project management solutions.

Research, Development, and Engineering Command, Natick Soldier Center is managing hundreds of complex projects from proposal to execution with CORAS Cloud.

Global law firm with more than 1,000 lawyers using CORAS Cloud for case management.

Corps-wide system for requesting and fulfilling “urgent” material requests.

Global innovation company using CORASCloud software to manage the life-cycle of engineering documents.

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About the Management Information Decision Support (MIDS) App

"MIDS will continue to grow within DISA - it is not going away."
"MIDS has become a critical part of the DISA ecosystem.”


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