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CORAS Federal Achieves FedRAMP 'In Process' Status at High Level


Enterprise Decision Management

With CORAS NODES making the right business decisions has never been easier. Leaders have a single pane of truth to all the data at their fingertips, make informed decisions, review past decisions, and pivot. With NODES, decisions are visualized, journaled, measured and defendable. CORAS + POM + PPBE = Actionable Insights + Defendable Decisions


The NAVY uses CORAS to defend its POM/PPBE, What's in your budget?


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A platform that evolves just like your brain



Meet Gary!

The CORAS AI bot, powered by Plasticity, Gary is an end-to-end NLP framework who can understand structured and unstructured data. Just like your brain, NLP has an innate understanding of language. Gary enables solutions to solve the following:

Extract insights from "dark data." 

Identify problem areas you didn't know existed.

Find relationships between strategic initiatives you didn't know were there.

A Revolution in Business Decisions!

Building a better brain for your organization's information that evolves just like your brain.

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The CORAS Neural Map

CORAS Neural Map breaks down large problem sets into smaller ones using our revolutionary NODES platform. The Neural Map defines seamless flow of information up and down the stacks within your organization. 

Learn from New Data

Our Nodes platform is designed to integrate with existing data regardless of where it sits today, allowing it to learn from new data sources. Not only are we connecting to new data, we are able to understand how it relates to everything already within our solution.

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Build Your Organization's Memory

Every time employees leave the organization or shift roles a
piece of “learned knowledge” memory dies. This means that
organization is constantly relearning the same things, or
perhaps even the same mistakes, rather than using your
current knowledge to speed into the future.

More from NODES

  • Discoverability
  • Enterprise Tiles
  • CORAS Chat
  • My Work
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The problem with most software is that you can't find anything. With NODES, information is easy to find. Where ever you are within the CORAS Map, you can easily find the data you need to make decisions quickly. In addition, CORAS has added additional tools to make it easy to keep up with the critical items that need attention. Some of the discovery tools are: 

NODES Tiles v2

Enterprise Tiles

While the Map view is very good for quickly seeing problem children within the context of the hierarchy, Tiles flattens the structure and allows you to drill into which Nodes meet certain criteria. Find the needle in the haystack in seconds!



NODES allows members who have been given access to a Node the ability to have discussions around the various items that are being managed or even about the Node itself. CORAS Chat surfaces all of this communication into one easy to use the tool. Team members can see every conversation that is going on about teams that they are part of in and respond and drill into the details of the items being discussed. Never miss an important conversation again.


My Work

Each individual has their own work and responsibilities that must be done to make sure the bigger picture comes together. Quickly see what is on your plate and needs to be done now with our nifty timeline feature.

Data Agg v3


Connect to existing data sources, without migrating them to a new system.



Eliminate the delay between when you ask for information, and when you receive the answer. 



Evaluate readiness against risks and events at various points in time.