Operational in 90 Days

Read how the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) operationalized CorasManage™ in 90 days and how over 1,100 users are managing 425 projects and portfolios across the world and how they will save over $2m in cost and productivity savings the first year.

USMC chooses CorasManage™

Marine Corps System Command (MCSC) expand their use of Coras products and chooses CorasManage to manage critical projects and initiatives.

Coras™ and Verizon

Coras plays key role in Verizon’s support of delivery of critical medical supplies using unmanned electric helicopters.

Will your apps be ready when your business changes?

"Welcome to your business management platform of the future."

Dan Naselius,


Customers who manage their business with Coras

Fortune 500 manufacturer using CORAS Cloud for sophisticated project management solutions.

Research, Development, and Engineering Command, Natick Soldier Center is managing hundreds of complex projects from proposal to execution with CORAS Cloud.

Global law firm with more than 1,000 lawyers using CORAS Cloud for case management.

Corps-wide system for requesting and fulfilling “urgent” material requests.

Global innovation company using CORASCloud software to manage the life-cycle of engineering documents.

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What are they saying?

"MIDS will continue to grow within DISA - it is not going away."
“MIDS has become a critical part of the DISA ecosystem.”