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Work Management
for Everyone

Flexible work management platform starting at $10 per month

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Coras work management platform is flexible, agile, and simple

Coras is a work management solution for individuals and project teams.  It is the fastest and easiest way to capture, organize, share, and manage work – from ad hoc tasks to detailed projects. Coras provides a combination of extraordinary speed, ease, flexibility, and low prices, to support the breadth and depth of work managed every day. 


Organizing Your Work

Easy-to-use work queue. Use the lasso to group your tasks and drag and drop items where they belong.

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Rapid Work Queue

Quickly get work out of your head and into a queue. Build a team to-do list, game plan, or brainstorm an entire project in seconds.

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Flexibility and Structure

With Coras, you can easily see the structure of your groupings or projects in a visual map hierarchy.  Go beyond flat spreadsheets and boards to see the natural breakdown of your work.


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Bring Your Projects Together

Dynamically select desired projects to see groups of works, or teams of teams, in one place.

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