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The Decision Maker's Decision Maker

Reducing the Mean Time To Decisions


What our customers say

Cool product that allows us to make informed decisions quickly and without all of the hand-jamming and hours of data calls... CORAS is critical to how we make decisions and support our mission.

It's easy to use, navigate, and saves my team and my agency time via customizable reporting functions.

"As a former ACAT ID Major Weapon system PM/DPM for a number of Naval Aviation programs……. where were you all 5 years ago, I could of used this."

The CORAS solution has been a huge value add to our Program Management group. The collaborative features in the tool have allowed us to become much more efficient in our implementation...

What does CORAS do?

Brings multidimensional organizational views, decisions, actions, and accountability to organizations to hit their goals and stay on mission.

NODES Vertical Map W FedRAMP High

Rollup a 360° view of your world

  • Available in NIPR & SIPR
  • What-if Analysis
  • Corporate Views & Reports
  • Department Views & Reports
  • Project Views & Reports
  • Decision & Historical Snapshots
  • Automation Through Rules and Workflow

The organizational connections you didn't know were there 

  • Cross Multidimensional Views
  • CORAS NLP Reads Documents & Texts Like a Human
  • Understands Meaning vs Keyword Searches
  • Can Run Similarity Analysis - Find Unknown Connections
  • Understands Acronyms, Synonyms, etc.
Aggregating Current Systems and Data

Bring it all together with our API engine

  • Analytics
  • Budget/Costs
  • Schedule
  • Resources
  • Requirements
  • Contracts/Procurement/Acquisition
  • Risks 

Here’s all the good stuff

The CORAS Neural Map

CORAS is designed the way humans think. We break complex organizational units into bite-sized components. The CORAS map emulates this in software that makes it easy to map to your mission.

brain with data

Learn from New Data

The CORAS platform is designed to integrate with existing data regardless of where it sits today, allowing it to learn from new data sources. Not only are we connecting to new data, but we're also able to understand how it relates to everything already within our solution.

brain history

Build Your Organization's Memory

Every time employees leave the organization or shift roles a piece of “learned knowledge” memory dies. This means that the organization is constantly relearning the same things, or perhaps even the same mistakes, rather than using your current knowledge to speed into the future.


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