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CORAS Releases A New Mind Map-Style Interface

Coras, a pioneer in Work Management since 2003, adds a mind map style interface for enhanced visualization and navigation.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Eric Baughman (703) 797 1881 #110


McLean, VA – March 1, 2018 – CORAS, a pioneer in Work Management since 2003, has upgraded its business agility software to include a mind map-style interface for enhanced visualization and navigation.

CORAS believes one size does not fit all businesses.  Different users want to view and work with information in different ways. CORAS provides powerful visual working options, including:

• Gantt style views to see items against a timeline;
• Board style views to drag-and-drop items through a process;
• Lane style views with an innovative work breakdown approach. 

and now: 

• Mind Map style views to quickly view and navigate all Groups and of Work Items, as a whole, or specific subsets.

250,000,000 Users Community

An article from iMindmap, September 20, 2011, estimated the community of mind map users to be 250 million.  "Mind Maps have been around for decades, and they are an excellent way to create manageable and understandable visualizations, but fall short where they aren't actionable. CORAS is committed to taking this familiar and powerful visualization tool and applying it within our work management solution; to improve both the organization and action of work that delivers business agility," said Dan Naselius, President and CTO of CORAS.

For further information, go to https://go.coras.com/go or contact us at (703) 797 1881 #41.


CORAS offers solutions in mid-market and enterprise-level companies, including a flexible foundation for running your business; giving managers, project managers, and other stakeholders the tools they need to effectively manage their projects. This core project management functionality is supported by a wealth of other key features, including BI/Analytics and Process Improvement. CORAS additionally offers instructor-led training, as well as self-service, learning centers, online forums, and other optimal resources.

Coras Headquarters
7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 850
McLean, VA 22102

Sales Information
(703) 797 1881 ext. 41

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