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New Coras Quick Start

Now the Coras 14-day free trial provides a Quick Start map upon log-in. It makes experiencing Coras easy, with a “see/learn/do” approach including videos, quick lessons, and hands-on exercises.

Go End-to-End in Under 10 minutes

McLean, VA – June 19, 2018Coras launches the Quick Start for trial users.  Now the Coras 14-day free trial provides a Quick Start map upon log-in.  It makes experiencing Coras easy, with a “see/learn/do” approach including:

  1. Videos - Watch the complete walk-through in under 10 minutes, or review shorter overview videos that corresponding lessons.
  2. Lessons - A complete companion guide, with Quick Lessons providing descriptions, definitions, and relevance to the core features.
  3. Exercises – Guide step-by-step instructions to help you go hands-on.

In addition to the Quick Start, users always have the option to reach out directly to Coras via the built-in chat, or schedule a complementary walk-thru session or demo of our enterprise features with a Customer Success Representative.  This applied to expired trial users too.  If you would like to experience the new Quick Start, just send a message to info@coras.com and we are happy to extend your trial.

Coras wants our trial users to get the most from their experience and time.  Just let us know how we can help.  The table below provides an overview of the quick start videos.




Overview – Work Mgmt. and Business Agility

Why Coras?


Agenda - The Path to Success

About the Quick Start


Editions - Business Pro Versus Enterprise Edition

Trial is Business Pro.  Edition


Lesson 1:  About Groups and Items

Adding, Viewing, Editing Groups & Items


Lesson 2:  The Importance of Structured Groups

Lanes, Sub-Items, Navigation, Maps


Lesson 3:  Importance of Unstructured Work

My Brainstorm and Team Brainstorm


Lesson 4:  The Power of Teams – Inviting Users

Manage Users


Lesson 5:  Teamwork – Assigning Users

Manage Team Members, Rapid Assign Mode


Lesson 6:  Rapid Value Delivery - Executing Work

My Groups, My Work Items, Boards, Aging


Lesson 7:  Visibility and Transparency

Group, Filter Team Member, Gantt, Documents


Lesson 8:  Reuse, Reinforce, Refine

Map Gallery


Go Hands On

Experience the Power of Coras



Coras offers solutions in mid-market and enterprise level companies, including a flexible foundation for running your business; giving managers, project managers, and other stakeholders the tools they need to effectively manage their projects. This core project management functionality is supported by a wealth of other key features, including BI/Analytics and Process Improvement. Coras additionally offers instructor-led training, as well as self-service, learning centers, online forums and other optimal resources.

Coras Headquarters
7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 850
McLean, VA 22102

Sales Information
(703) 797 1881 ext. 41

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