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Stories by Coras


What are Data Lakes?

If you're starting to aggregate disparate data and information together then you've probably heard the term data lake. Learn more with CORAS today.


What are CORAS Templates?

Tired of rebuilding project plans each time a new one is started? Learn what templates are in CORASPrograms today.


Planning International Engagements

Learn how you can manage and coordinate international engagements with CORAS EDMP. Move beyond the manual process that has hindered your decision...


What are Adds and Offsets?

Learn how the DoD balances budgets via a process known as Adds and Offsets with CORAS' EDMP.


What is COOP?

CORASPrograms COOP application is a 360° view for DoD leadership and branch heads to understand the posture of their organization.


What are Excursions?

Excursions aren't just for hikes! With CORAS' Enterprise Decision Management Platform you can run excursions and plan for your long-term assets.