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The ‘“Just in Time’” Workplace

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In today’s fast-paced business world, there is a push for organizations to be more data-savvy than ever.  Due to the increasing importance of data, organizations have started to move from crunching data to making decisions in real time.  The more data insights your organization gathers, the stronger and more strategic relationships that are formed.  This allows your organization to deliver more value to customers and ultimately increase profit.

With the high priority of delivering value and driving revenue, executives and line managers want analytics that give them immediate, actionable data.  They do not have time to be bogged down by crunching numbers and analyzing data.  This highlights the importance of utilizing a portfolio management system so that your organization can better plan, manage and execute work in real time.

With time being of the essence, many organizations have shifted towards a “Just in Time” workplace.  In this model, organizations grow at the pace of innovation and capitalize on opportunities to increase efficiency and make things easier for the “doers” in an organization.  A “Just in Time” workplace will improve accuracy, provide easy access to up-to-date information and facilitate learning on the go.

There’s a lot of value to be uncovered for organizations that move towards a “Just in Time” workplace.  First, companies are able to work more efficiently.  With a system that processes dynamic data, your organization will be able to respond more quickly and accurately.  A single, unified system of your organization’s resources will further improve their ability to collaborate and make informed decisions.

When moving towards creating a “Just in Time” workplace, it’s critical to have a portfolio management system that helps to drive dynamic decision-making.  With greater visibility and real-time access, upper level management is better equipped to make agile decisions.  They have all the data they need to effectively manage their portfolios and projects.

Finally, adaption to change is an important factor when it comes to making decisions in real time.  It’s crucial to have a system that you can manage with flexibility and ease.  A fully customizable portfolio management tool, like CorasManage, may provide your organization with this and much more.  If your organization wants to make the push towards real time decision making, then Coras is right for you. Learn more at www.coras.com.