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CorasManage | March On-Demand Webcast

Picture of James Smith

Written by James Smith

Customer Success Manager

Simplify your PMRs and Monthly Briefings

PMRs and monthly briefings are a way of life for most project or program managers. Every month, you’re expected to collect and present key metrics and other information on your project.

Everyone knows the pain associated with preparing PMRs and monthly briefings. You spend hours—sometimes day and weeks—pulling together all the information. Then you spend even more time putting it in the appropriate format.

This creates two issues:
1) You spend countless time preparing reports instead of focusing on the success of the project.
2) By the time the report sees the light of day, it’s already old.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. What if you could take that PMR or monthly briefing and automate it so it took significantly less time, and gave leaders up-to-the-minute information to make the best possible decisions? And it looked EXACTLY like the PowerPoint slides you're using today.

Watch our webinar to see how you can do it. We’ll discuss:

- Current challenges with PMRs / briefings, including some real-life examples
- Benefits of automating the process
- Value of real-time data
- Tried and true methods to address the challenges.

View the webcast now.