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Salesforce Isn't the Only Game in Town

May 23, 2017
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I recently read an article where Kevin Paschuk of Salesforce said the Federal government should be considering Cloud technologies to better interact with citizens. The article pointed out all the benefits of Cloud computing and how it could not only improve the services provided by government agencies, but also reduce IT costs.

We whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Paschuk and everything he wrote. But, one thing he didn’t write—but is definitely implied—is that the Salesforce Government Cloud Lightning is the platform that can deliver all these benefits to the government.

That’s probably true, but there are other Cloud platforms out there that can serve the same purpose—and at significantly less cost than Salesforce.

One of those is our solution—CorasNow. CorasNow is a full-service Cloud platform that provides many of the same services, apps, and capabilities as Salesforce, but in a more flexible, user-friendly way. Not to mention, at about 20% of the cost of Salesforce.

CorasNow is available as a SaaS offering (like Salesforce), but can also be deployed in a private cloud environment like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, or behind the customer’s firewall. With Salesforce your data sits in their proprietary cloud. With CorasNow, you control your data and and you can access it in an an open format if you ever decide to go different direction. In addition, with Salesforce, development is proprietary with Visualforce, APEX, and their own version of JavaScript. CorasNow not only has a design canvas for non-code development, but also allows for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS-based development. We leverage an open standard, meaning people and skills are easier to find and cost far less.

Specifically for our government friends, we are in full compliance with FedRAMP requirements and are in the process of being certified by GSA. Our products are also already being leveraged by the DoD and many civilian agencies.

Mr. Paschuk talks about Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Cloud platforms, and he’s right that it can save agencies a lot of money. Compared to custom development, building on a reusable platform can lower the cost to modernize applications for the Cloud quite a bit. It can also save when it comes to maintaining and sustaining those apps. But, agencies can reduce that TCO even more significantly by looking at CorasNow.

Our point is simply that Salesforce is not the only game in town. It’s incumbent on Federal agencies to consider all the options—including CorasNow—when looking for Cloud-based application solutions.