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Project Managers Benefit from Standardized Processes

To see your company succeed, it’s vital to manage projects, programs, and portfolios accurately and efficiently. However, sometimes you may need help.

As a project manager, you need to be able to make business decisions with confidence. Your project management office (PMO) is responsible for making sure all of the projects in your organization continue to thrive. To see your company succeed, it’s vital to manage projects, programs, and portfolios accurately and efficiently. However, sometimes you may need help.

Many project managers have earned their Project Management Professional certification (PMP). This certification is awarded to qualified candidates after successfully completing coursework and an exam. It provides you with the body of knowledge—and confidence—you need to effectively manage projects. But even with your PMP, it’s important to use every tool at your disposal to assist you with managing projects.

Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have PMPs or don’t have enough to manage all the projects. As such, engineers, analysts, and other individual contributors become the de facto project managers. While they may be capable of “managing” a project, they don’t have the deep understanding and experience with project management methodologies. The best way to help them—and your PMPs—is to standardize.

The best part about standardizing your project management processes is the ease it provides. There is no guessing what to do as a new project manager. The foundation and plan is already there to get you off and running. Not only do you get started on the right track, but you have the processes, tools, and methodologies built in to keep you on that track.

Tracking and monitoring your projects using different methods each time will only serve to slow down projects and delay your success. However, if you make tracking and monitoring processes consistent and repeatable, it will become faster and simpler to make sure your projects, programs, and portfolios are on track. With standardization, you’ll be able to focus more of your attention on ensuring your organization’s success rather than getting dragged down by details.

Once you have processes in place, their repeatability will make it easier for you to succeed, even without PMP certification. If you use various tools to help manage your projects, programs, and portfolios, you can also begin to automate these processes. Automation will assist you, especially if you lack formal project management training. Using tools that automate your processes, you will be able to improve the accuracy that is vital to your PMO. Let the tools pull and crunch the necessary data for you.

Being able to pull more accurate data with standardized, automated processes will ultimately improve the performance of your projects by leading you to make better and stronger decisions. With the right data to back you up, you’ll be able to confidently manage your projects, programs, and portfolios. CorasManage gives you the tools you need to standardize your projects . This customizable application allows you to automate your processes and manage projects, programs, and portfolios accurately leveraging real-time data and an easy-to-use interface. CorasManage will effectively help you bring success to your projects, even if you lack PMP certification.


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