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Introducing CorasGrants

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Coras is proud to announce CorasGrants—our new comprehensive grants management application. The app is designed to manage the entire grants management process, from deciding on your grant programs, to soliciting proposals, to selecting awardees, to doing the work, and finally to close out of awarded grants.

We developed the application based on work we’ve been doing for one of our Fortune 50 customers. They award and manage more than $300 million in grants to deserving institutions. We’re very proud to support them in this philanthropic effort.

While we’re proud to support this one customer, we know there are probably hundreds if not thousands of other organizations who are basically implementing similar programs. CorasGrants is designed to help all those organizations, too.

The goal of the application is to “modernize” the way organizations manage the grants life cycle. Instead of relying on “old fashioned” methods such as email, spreadsheets, data entry, and manual processes, CorasGrants gives organizations the ability to modernize and automate the way they work and manage the grants. Process templates, reports, online RFPs, and secure collaborative portals are just a few of the features and capabilities of the app. The secure portal is a critical feature of the application as it allows the grant maker and awardee to collaborate online in real time, significantly reducing emails and time delays.

The app also offers full program management capabilities so grant makers can manage the grant awardee and the actual work throughout the life of the grant. This program management is a key differentiator for CorasGrants. It’s a piece of the puzzle that is missing from many other grants management solutions.

We believe that with CorasGrants companies will be able to become much more productive, be able to use their resources to ensure people are getting the help they need, and make it far easier for the awardee to apply and work with the grant maker. If you process grants and find yourself stuck in clunky systems or managing it all through spreadsheets and email, give us a call. We can help you streamline the process, leverage your resources better, and make it easy on the grantees. Visit www.coras.com/grants for more information.