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Work Management

How 'Radar' O'Reilley from M*A*S*H set's the bar for work management

Read how Corporal Walter 'Radar' O'Reilley from M*A*S*H set's the bar for efficient work management and how CORAS can be your 'Radar'.

At the risk of dating myself, do you remember back when your office team had an administrator dedicated to keeping your workgroup informed of looming deadlines or preparing your status reports?

This person, much like Corporal Walter Eugene "Radar" O’Reilly the fictional character from the M*A*S*H novels, film, and television series, never missed a beat. Like Radar, the company clerk entrusted with everything by Colonel Blake, your Radar although outstanding was later reassigned within your organization. The reassignment was necessary due to a financially constringent climate or technology-based program purchased to equip every “worker” including supervisors with the tools necessary to be Radar.  

Sigh, we all miss our Radars, but let us now focus on that “program that was purchased to equip every “worker” including supervisors with the tools necessary to be Radar”. The tool did not meet your needs, did it? Either the wrong person with the checkbook purchased the tool or the tool was never properly explained and adopted. The tool you may have received let’s call it a Cadillac. You got a Cadillac when all you needed was a 1952 Willy's Military Jeep M38A1, just like the ones used while filming MASH. Well maybe not.

Maybe what you really needed was a tool as efficient as Radar. A tool that you can easily use for your repeatable work. Like task management, risk management, schedule management, reporting management. To manage your work with metrics for reporting accurate information. Your co “workers” need the same thing since their managers are also looking for the same type of information on a repeatable basis.

Allow me to introduce you to the CORAS NODES Programs. The NODES Program or “NODES” for short is an efficient easy to use tool to manage your work effectively. With NODES, you can bring your work solutions online quickly with the use of “no” to “very little” code.

How do we do it?

Easy, the CORAS Nodes Programs environment enables repetitive working solutions to import/export template frameworks to map identical schedules/task milestones across the organization. Using customizable templates, you can quickly populate and track work things that are repeatable and needed across your organization.

This ultimate work management solution framework empowers leaders, managers to make decisions and prioritize work assignments.

CORAS Nodes Programs is a robust and intuitive work solution that can map itself into your present hierarchical structure to suit your organizational needs. Solutions with NODES can be put in place in weeks versus months years saving dollars to your organization's TCO.

It is your job to do the work and our job is to bring you the tool like CORAS NODES Programs so that you can be as great as Radar.  

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