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Customer Driven Product Enhancements - Move Your Flag

Software is judged on where it is today, not where it's from, and rarely where it's going. CORAS' iterative improvements deliver value in small increments, more quickly, so our business agility translates to your value today.

We have a saying at CORAS: People plant their flags where they are.  For us, that means that users of software don’t care what came before it.  Users care about what is available when they go arrive to use the software.  Today’s early adopters appreciate improvements, but tomorrow users won’t see it since they didn’t go through the earlier time.
For Coras, the context stems from our making strides to iteratively improve our software.  As we look at the Coras software of a year ago, we can see massive advances in the ability to track information, make assignments, map structure and processes, and so on.  That’s great for our users, who benefit from these improvements.
Newer users, though, don’t have that perspective as they never used the earlier pieces.  To that end, it is incumbent upon us to continue to push our product forward, to receive feedback from users, and to turn those suggestions into enhancements that make the platform better.  This doesn’t just make the product better for current customers but new ones as well.
That’s the genesis of our forthcoming Coras Cube and Coras Report pieces.  Being able to see information in multiple formats, with pivoting technology, will allow our users to make decisions quickly.  That’s the essence of an agile business.
If you’ve tried Coras before and found it lacking, come on back and give it another try.  You’ve already planted your flag, so come back and see how much further we’ve come.  For those who are currently using the software, take advantage of the new enhancement as they roll out, and move your flag forward.


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