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Did I make the $10,000 putt?

A blog about CORAS' commitment to its community and the world - our support for Medicines for Humanities.


To take away the suspense, no, I didn’t make the 50-foot putt for the ten grand.  I had the luck and pride of qualifying, however, and the joy of heckling buddies from the balcony above the green.  But that’s not really the story.  At CORAS, employees are strongly encouraged to give back to their community and support causes they believe in.  This is one of the many ways companies, including ours, strengthen the team and individual’s commitment to the organization, inside and outside the office.  Our passion at CORAS is developing world-class software to support teams, and the management of those teams, but we’re about more than our software.

One of the ways I give back, individually and through CORAS, is my support of Medicines for Humanity.  Its mission is to save the lives of vulnerable children around the world.  One of my activities is participating in their annual golf tournament for the last 15 years (only missing 2 years).  So in the spirit of the golf fundraiser, had I sunk the 50-footer the proceeds would have likely gone to the children.  I would have enjoyed stuffing that oversized, cardboard check in the back of my car too.

Outside of the golf tournament, I’ve supported Medicines for Humanity in a number of different ways, including direct contribution from Coras, and the conversion of my American Express points into dollars for the organization (a nice AMEX option if you weren’t aware of it). 

I encourage you to visit the Medicines for Humanity website and see how they can turn a few of your dollars into a huge difference for vulnerable children.  If you want to spend a great day in Southern Massachusetts supporting the organization, come join us next summer for the annual golf tournament.  Who knows, maybe you’ll sink the 50 footer.

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