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Get what you need to know before you need to know it 

Faster, more comprehensive, more objective reporting.
Go beyond business intelligence.  
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Why CORASRhapsody?

CORASRhapsody, a managed service, delivers a command and control information system
tailored to the unique mission needs of each client. When mission commanders need information CORAS gets you the right information at the right time. 





Designated team of data scientists and decision management experts who partner with the client to design custom reporting, business intelligence, and analytics.



Avoid lengthy requirements, configuration, and integration cycles.


Gain insight into mission health across programs within weeks—instead of months or years.


Using the software, mission commanders can visualize data assembled from front-line sources, explore “what-if” scenarios, make decisions, and measure outcomes.


Unlike out-of-the-box or custom software, CORASRhapsody grows and evolves with both enhancements to the underlying platform and ongoing refinements (included in the subscription) that optimize each client’s unique command and control experience.


Pricing is based on the number of modules used and the client’s data architecture.


Make decisions you can defend

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Your Decision Visualization Engine

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What if a command and control information system can increase the speed of your decision making? To learn more, download a free information sheet about CORASRhapsody.


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View data the way it was supposed to be viewed


Modern. Simple. Evolutionary.



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