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Enterprise Edition


The Holistic, Single Source View


Coras Enterprise Edition is a powerful solution that combines rich reporting, data analysis, repeatability, work management in an easy-to-use SaaS platform.




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Make Better

For Senior Leadership 

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Flexible &

For Middle Management

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For Teams to Perform Work


Enterprise Features

Visualize your work in a powerful map

Visualize your work in a powerful map. Lightning fast way to see your organization in action.

Aggregate data from existing data sources along with Coras data. Ingest, transform, and analyze with Coras Cube.


Create custom dashboards for near real time decision making.

Generate Coras Reports to make better decisions.


With Coras’ stages and custom fields, you can track multiple types of work. For instance, Budget requests, Risks, Proposals, legal cases, etc.

Organize your work - plan and track performance

Organize your work.
Plan and track performance.

Lay out Epics and Stories
for your teams to collaborate.

Lay out Epics and Stories for your Teams
Implement Best Practices

Implement Best Practices. 
Share your learning, use in the future, and continuously improve.

Aging Report: Focus your efforts on the things that matter.

Aging Report Focus your efforts
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