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Coras Manage | May On-Demand Webcast

Coras May On-Demand Webcast.

Drive Repeatability, Governance, and Visibility Across Your Your Projects

One of the biggest challenges for any PMO is getting everyone on the same page. You have potentially hundreds of projects, dozens of project managers, and even more teams, managers, and executives. And you’re expected to make sense of it all and keep everyone aligned and informed.

It’s like herding cats…..but harder.

CorasManage brings order to the chaos. Our out-of-the-box project and portfolio management software solution addresses the entire PMO life cycle and offers maximum flexibility to meet your specific demands.

It drives repeatability and governance across all your projects, programs, and portfolios, and provides a layer of visibility so key stakeholders can get the information they need quickly and easily. Plus, it saves significant time and resources by automating many of your classic PMO processes.


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