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PMIAA Bill Requiring Change in Government Program Management

June 2, 2017
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Only 64 percent of government strategic initiatives ever meet their goals, and business intent and government organizations waste $101 million for every $1 billion spent on projects and programs. That’s according to Project Management Institute’s 2017 Pulse of the Profession Report. To combat the government waste, President Barack Obama signed the Project Management Improvement and Accountability Act into law in December 2016.

The PMIAA requires the deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget to adopt and oversee implementation of government standards, policies, and guidelines for program and project management in executive agencies. The office is also responsible for addressing programs on the Government Accountability Office’s High Risk List.

Additionally, the PMIAA created a Program Management Policy Council to establish best practices for program and project management and make recommendations to the OMB’s Deputy Director.

There are two pieces of the PMIAA bill that CorasManage can help your agency with. First, CorasManage can help agencies conduct portfolio reviews to address programs identified as high risk by the GAO. Second, CorasManage provides the ability to review agency programs on a regular basis in real time to determine the efficacy of the program’s management. Gone are the days of briefing management and leadership with data that is several weeks old and stale.

Essentially, CorasManage provides a clear view into portfolios and their related programs. This gives executives, managers and users a real-time view of their agency’s programs so they can make the best decisions for their organization. With the advent of the PMIAA bill, CorasManage also ensures the Government Agencies & Departments are in compliance with the new requirements signed into law in December of 2016.

CorasManage is built with an open architecture from the ground up to give program offices & managers the flexibility to integrate tools and applications they have already invested in both financially and intellectually. CorasManage’s goal is to provide a live look into our customer’s organization that isn’t available with their current systems. Additionally, Coras knows the value of leveraging the time, effort and information already available, which puts CorasManage into a unique position to support PMIAA. Instead of forcing you into a mold, CorasManage’s customizable application allows you to leverage your existing data and systems to create a dynamic, real-time view of your enterprise and the ability to manage effectively in an increasingly budget constrained environment.

We wrote an ebrief digging deeper into PMIAA and its anticipated impact on federal program management.