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CORAS joins Verizon and Nokia for Operation Convergence Response

We are proud to announce that CORAS will be joining Verizon and Nokia for Operation Convergent Response 2018. #OCR2018 During an emergency, connectedness, and teamwork are the most critical elements for #firstresponders when saving lives. Come visit us November 5th-8th in Perry Georgia.

CORAS joins Verizon and Nokia this year in an event that brings together those who are committed to being on the leading edge of innovative technology solutions for both public and private first responders by applying existing capabilities in new ways under extreme conditions.

#OCR2018 is the second annual public safety technology expo and live demonstration event hosted by Verizon and Nokia in collaboration with the Guardian Centers and Aegex Technologies. #OCR2018 brings together dozens of the world’s most innovative companies to showcase their technologies that can enhance emergency response operations.

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Some of the realistic crisis scenarios include:

  • Earthquake
  • Nuclear Detonation
  • Hurricane
  • Helicopter Crash
  • Active Shooter and more

CORAS will show its Drone Deployment application developed using the CORAS Core Platform rapid application development features. The application coordinates with 3 separate roles of the scenario. The first is field personnel, who we work with to collect what is needed in the field. The second is logistic personnel, to plan mission load-outs. The third is drone pilots, for the automated deployment of critical supplies. Our goal is to help facilitate timely and efficient communication between these responders while rapidly adapting to the situation.


CORAS delivers an all-in-one solution for business leaders and managers to bring together disparate data into a single pane of glass, including decision-ready data, program and portfolio management, and tailored data stories. The highly visual, interactive system delivers an adaptive, decision-oriented, connected solution to achieve a holistic understanding and targeted outcomes. Through a single source of the truth, organizations have the insight and clarity they need to predict, identify, and proactively address the necessary adjustments, changes, and actions for the agile business.

To learn more about CORAS, contact us at: https://www.coras.com/solutions/enterprise or call our Sales Information number below.

CORAS Headquarters
7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 850
McLean, VA 22102

Sales Information
(703) 797 1881 ext. 41


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