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The Ease of CORAS: So Easy an Intern Can Use It

A CORAS intern shares her experience on how she was up and running in less than 15 minutes, and the many ways the software adds value to her life.

Geico’s advertising slogan for a long time was “So easy a caveman could do it.” Well, I’m going to now apply that to CORAS in saying, “So easy an intern can use it.” As an intern at CORAS, it was important for me to get to know and use the product. In sitting down for just 5 minutes with James Smith, a part of the CORAS Customer Success team, he quickly showed me how to use the product and create maps of my own.

Not even 10 minutes after that, I had begun to create a map for my semester abroad in New Zealand; planning out and creating boards for what I needed to pack and do before going, plus figuring out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do once abroad. Not only was I able to plan out what I needed to do myself, but I was also able to assign my parents to tasks that I needed them to do, or to add friends into planning for trips together. Using the CORAS product allowed me to condense all my thoughts about abroad and make it into a concrete plan. I found that the more I made my map, the more control and excitement I felt about my trip and going all the way across the world.

Upon finishing my own map for study abroad, I was then able to create multiple maps for customer use and for those within CORAS’ business divisions. These maps could be used as templates for these customers and businesses to achieve their own business agility. After attending the Key Executive Leadership Conference at American University, which CORAS was a sponsor for, I then created maps based on the different sessions that I had attended, such as how to form an authentic leader and how to improve FEVs scores.

In using CORAS, I believe it is a product that goes further than bringing business agility to team management and businesses but brings agility into everyday life. Whether it be planning a trip abroad, doing a group project for University, or even just planning out my errands and days, CORAS is a product that I see myself using beyond my internship and into my day-to-day life.

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