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Performance, Not Sexy but of Critical Importance

June 28, 2018
Picture of Matt Walters

Written by Matt Walters

Director, Release Management

I just came out of a meeting, where the developers were discussing what's coming up this Summer in the Coras product.  It was an exciting meeting and the new Coras capabilities look great.

For me, the highlight of the session was a company focus on improving the performance of Coras.  My enthusiasm wasn't strictly due to the performance itself, although it is great to use a bit less memory and to be able to handle the many thousands of items our customers are tracking within their projects and tenants.  Rather, my excitement stems as what the performance improvements mean to a new product.  As you may imagine, we've been focusing on including the capabilities our customers are demanding: reporting, tracking, brainstorming, and so on.  Our development team has made great strides with new and enhanced features, and those new pieces are impressive.

The focus on improving performance may not be sexy, but is important to delivering a high quality, mature platform.  Coras is not just a secure and reliable platform, but is being actively maintained.  While we haven't received complaints, we monitor our software and believe in iterative improvements.

 As someone with 13+ years with Coras, I like offering our customers a robust, mature platform that delivers value It allows them to trust their environment and have confidence that we're committed to making our products better every day, with the purpose of meeting customers’ needs.