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Benefits of Embedding Apps in SharePoint or Office 365

While SharePoint and Office365 can provide a baseline productivity platform, they lack the agility you need when working in a competitive environment.

As organizations innovate, custom solutions that fit their needs are becoming increasingly important, but also increasingly difficult to find. While SharePoint and Office 365 can provide a baseline productivity platform, they lack the agility you need when working in a complex business environment.

One of the primary issues with Office 365 for most organizations is that it exists in a multi tenant community cloud. Therefore, it has extensive system and security standards that limit your organization’s ability to customize code or add applications. By the time you work through all the requirements and get all the proper approvals, your custom app might well be obsolete, and you would have to hire a developer and begin the development and approval process again.

SharePoint custom development is neither easy, fast or cheap. And can become very complicated when additional security constraints layered on top. SharePoint also lacks an easy method for search and user interaction customization, and a dependable framework for working through errors. Using this platform ensures that your organization will need custom apps to use alongside it, and yet building those apps to the Microsoft App Model specifications can be challenging.

An alternative way to customize Office 365 and SharePoint is to use provider-hosted applications, which exist on an external platform and then smoothly integrate into the Office 365 suite. Not only does this option eliminate the time constraints of custom coding and app building, it also limits your need to hire in-house developers or contract with a freelance developer. Instead, you can install provider-hosted applications in a matter of minutes and easily customize them to your organization’s needs, with minimal disruption to your project or staff.

One of the simplest providers of applications for Office 365 and SharePoint is Coras, whose user-friendly applications and application builders can provide the agility you need to get projects up and running quickly, while smoothly maintaining them. No expensive training or hiring is necessary, and you can stay within the Office365 or SharePoint architecture while meeting the needs of your in dividual organization.

Coras’ primary solution for embedding apps in SharePoint or Office 365 is CorasNow. Within this platform, you can easily create apps that are completely custom to your organization, with little to no coding necessary. All it takes is a simple drag-and-drop process to build your app, after which a unique ID for that app is created, making it easy to install the application into your SharePoint or Office 365 environment--months sooner than if you attempted to customize the platform on your own.

Coras offers a host of additional benefits. Security is always a priority for cloud-based organizations, so Coras offers the ability to establish permissions for any actions on the platform. In addition, by staying within the Office 365 and SharePoint worlds, projects can live in one place without attempting to integrate multiple applications across platforms. And CorasNow isn’t the only solution available--CorasManage is another premiere option providing a ready-built project and portfolio management application that compiles and reports data in real time, yet again freeing up PMOs to focus on innovation and decision-making instead of slogging through data.

To learn more about how Coras can work with your existing Office 365 and SharePoint platforms to provide tailored solutions.

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